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    Free leadership and wellbeing workshops

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    Free online wellbeing workshops 

    We’re teaming up with some of the best people skills experts to offer our clients, contractors and candidates free online workshops on improving resilience, reducing stress and boosting emotional intelligence. 

    Why are we doing this?

    Now is the time to be here for each other, and by running these sessions we want to extend messages of positivity and hope. We want to help you use isolation to think differently and acquire knowledge you can take with you way beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    What will the workshops cover?

    Each workshop will be no more than 30 minutes long, giving you the opportunity to learn in a bite-sized chunk, whilst not taking up too much of your day. This is especially important if you’re also juggling care or parental responsibilities. Additionally each workshop will be made available after the session, so if you can’t join ‘live’, we’ll ensure that it’s sent out to you via email. 


    April 21 @ 3pm: How to harness a remote team - Carole Gaskell, Full Potential Group. 

    Carole Gaskell - mini

    Bio - Carole Gaskell is an award-winning speaker and author of global bestsellers Transform Your Life – 10 Steps to Real Results and Your Pocket Life Coach, plus Full Potential Leadership – A Provocative Call to Make a Dramatic Difference and Full Potential Coach – Transforming People’s Potential into Results.

    Founding leadership firm Full Potential Group in 1998, Carole believes most teams can activate at least 30% more of their potential. She is passionate about wellbeing and performance, activating more potential in leaders, teams and organisations to make a greater difference in the world.

    Workshop content: Now more than ever, it’s time for teams to pull together, to collaborate, value each other’s strengths, contribution and the unique value each person brings to your team. In this thought provoking webinar, Carole Gaskell explores 5 ways to optimise remote team performance, plus tools and practical strategies to:

    • Create connection, trust and belonging
    • Know your team purpose and motivation
    • Understand how to work even better together

    Register here

    April 28 @ 3pm: How to manage anxiety when working from home - Nick Elston, Forging People

    Nick Elston - mini

    Bio - Having had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and heightened anxiety for most of his life, things reached a break-down point in 2012 - when everything came to a head. In life, in business, we all wear masks; we try to be what people or situations want to see in us - not who we truly are. It was at that point Nick decided to share his story and unveil the mask.

    Fast forward to today and Nick is a high-profile, inspirational speaker on the subjects of anxiety, mental health and wellbeing, delivering his talks to a worldwide audience. Nick inspires not only by focusing on his story, but by offering his top tips and insights into managing anxiety in life and business.

    Workshop content - Nick uses his life experiences and adversities to forge a brutally honest, heartfelt message: ‘Talking anxiety’:

    • Learn the importance of setting boundaries
    • Discover the power in maintaining a routine
    • Find out how to bust anxiety & feelings of being overwhelmed

    Register here

    May 5 @ 3pm: Leadership effectiveness in crisis - Paul Miller, The Mental Muscle Company.

    Paul Miller - mini

    Bio - During a career spanning 20 years Paul has been equipping individuals, teams and organisations to navigate the often turbulent waters of an ever-changing business horizon. He is trusted by many senior leaders from sectors including Banking, Manufacturing, Defence, Aviation and Pharmaceuticals, to ready teams to tackle their most challenging leadership issues. 

    Paul is a Master NLP, MBTI Practitioner and a valued certified EBW (Emotions & Behaviours at Work) partner. His projects across sport and business offer his clients a unique perspective on how we think and act under pressure. 

    Workshop content - Paul will cover 8 critical actions emotionally intelligent leaders can take to help navigate these uncharted waters, and support leaders with:

    •       Managing organisational disruption
    •       Maximising the output of a virtual or interrupted workforce
    •       Considering the mental and physical challenges on leaders and their teams
    •       Staving off empathy fatigue

    Register here

    How can I book a session or multiple?

    Register for one or more sessions on our Eventbrite page or get in contact with us if you have any questions about the sessions or L&D services.

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