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    Paul Miller- International Leadership and Sports Performance Coach

    Paul is a dynamic Mentor and Coach who is trusted by senior leaders of blue chip companies and SME's to support them with their most challenging leadership issues. His engaging, authentic approach ensures he is able to build rapport quickly and with his 20 years of experience in people development, coaching and consultancy means he is able to understand the business very quickly and design solutions that work.

    He has an ability to motivate people at all levels from a wide range of business sectors and cultures across the globe. Paul brings a unique perspective through marrying his work both in the corporate and sporting worlds in developing emotionally intelligent leaders and teams. He is driven by his commitment to excellence, his passion for personal development and a focus on results.

    Paul has worked across the globe with household names such as Prudential, Aviva, Deutsche Bank, The Wellcome Trust, Institute of Directors, Lloyds Banking Group, Atomic Weapons Establishment, Pall Filtration and numerous SME's. and has facilitated business improvements such as:

    • Increased retention
    • improved relationships between Functions leading to more efficient and on time project completion
    • Transformed the leadership behaviours of an organisation from regular conflict to collaboration.
    • A move to world class manufacturing by transforming mindsets and behaviours.

    Paul is an experienced licensed advanced practitioner for the Emotions and Behaviours at Work Emotional Intelligence system which has been used to great effect in some of the world's largest organisations including; Disney, Harrods, M&S, American Express and British Airways.

    As our business grew we faced huge challenges as a management team; dealing with the challenges of managing a larger organisation. Paul revolutionised our management team by helping us to understand ourselves and those around us. We now have a solid management team with improved communications and emotional intelligence. Richard freeman MD - AF Global Connectors

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