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    The ‘Working’ Dead. 6 Ways to Resurrect Workplace Zombies!

    With the return of The Walking Dead this week. It had us here at Optamor thinking about the ‘zombies’ that occupy every business. You know the ones, they're the 'passengers' that are nonchalant by the end of Tuesday afternoon. They're the ones who avoid any additional responsibility at all costs.

    ‘The ‘Working’ Dead impacts the whole energy of the team around them, essentially if you have one ‘workplace zombie’, then they are likely to infect others in close proximity. So here are 6 ways you can boost productivity, energy and inject the life back into your undead employees.

    1.Shake things up!

    The hum-drum life of the average workers 9-5 can get monotonous for most. A quick fix to this problem? Introduce Flexible Working so that your employees can choose how they spread their hours across the working day.


    Getting in the office before the morning rush and leaving the office before 5 pm might be just what the doctor ordered for the living dead in your business.

    2.Pre-empt with People Analytics!

    HR professionals and leaders should be proactive and put in place metrics in the form of People Analytics to track employee engagement levels to identify trends and areas where they could problem solve before the zombie virus has time to infect their employees.


    Try measuring the time employees take to action a task, for example, find out the average and then using this you can identify when your teams are showing signs of infection. Using this in a correlation of new changes within the team or the wider business could give insight into what the route cause is of your employee’s disengagement.

    3.Re-evaluate your leaders

    Is the usually pretty good employee not achieving goals, and showing signs of zombification? Look to their leaders, not only for insight but to assess if the management style could be the reason for the recent surge of undead.

    re-evaluate your leaders - encourage staff productivity

    Consider introducing asking the questions! Often employees don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ or feel that they won’t ‘win’ their case against a more senior leader. Whilst it’s always best to avoid formal grievances, being aware of situations could help you avoid the risk of low productivity and loss of talent.

    4.Get Transparent!

    Ensure your whole business knows the businesses objectives and the role each team plays to help make that objective a success. Everyone from the cleaning team to the administration executives should be aligned with what you want to achieve.

    encourage business transparency

    Keeping your cards close to your chest will alienate talented employees, who will start to feel underappreciated and have low job satisfaction resulting in an undead employee who lacks energy and drive. Knowing the big picture, and the part they play could be enough to boost morale and motivation.

    5.Notice the small stuff!

    Instead of ‘sweating’ the small stuff, celebrate the small stuff! Little wins should be celebrated, it is these little acknowledgements that will reinforce your respect, admiration and appreciation for the contribution that employee gives you.

    Employee Appreciation

    Imagine you feel like your job is ‘thankless’ but a senior member of the business notes that you always get your reports in a half day earlier than expected. Small signs of appreciation don’t always have to be an announcement but a just quick email to show gratitude to the small things that make a difference.

    6.Discourage the ‘al-desko’ Environment

    If you find your workforce often dine al-desko at lunch, then we’d urge you to try your best to discourage this.

    employee wellbeing - encourage breaks

    Not only are regular breaks great productivity but they are essential to the wellbeing and health of your employees. Giving your brain a break can actually allow your brain to refocus and makes getting the right tasks done first easier.

    Interested in other ways to get the most out of the talent in your workforce?  Why not Request a one-to-one consultation with one of our People Solution experts

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