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    The state of the labour market and the rise of internal mobility

    Optamor Blog

    The labour market has shifted rapidly, creating an influx of candidates for a shrinking pool of jobs. There are now 60%* more applications for every role, meaning 100s of CVs to sift through for each vacancy. 

    Every sector is performing differently, with low and middle wage roles typically affected more than higher earning positions. This is creating a growing labour market mismatch, with low-middle earners most in need. 

    Looking inwards, budget tightening and increased staff engagement over the lockdown period mean internal mobility is more important than ever before. Businesses must maintain the same degree of transparency and communication, whilst helping staff to grow. 

    What does this mean for acquisition, retention and growth plans? Our panel of experts will evaluate the state of the labour market, discuss how to identify future stars in the business, create career pathways and improve loyalty and tenure. 

    The discussion is on September 16 @ 1.30PM (BST) via LinkedIn Live. Register your interest here.


    Will Crandle, CEO, Horsefly Analytics  

    Will has spent the past ten years working with big data, taxonomies, data processing and machine learning to create products which serve the HR industry. 

    Horsefly supplies market-leading analytics to support enterprise companies in making both strategic and tactical talent decisions. Based on a vast bank of continually refreshed social, demographics and vacancy data, Horsefly uses machine learning techniques in interactive and intuitive ways to guide our clients to previously unachievable levels of market insight.

    Will is very proud to have created a close community of brilliant customers and employees who always push the industry boundaries of the art of the possible. 

    Liz Lembke, Chief Talent Navigator, Transforming Talent

    Liz Lembke is Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent, a globally and virtually active consultancy specializing in people and culture solutions. She has 15+ years of experience in strategic and hands-on human resources, formerly heading up Talent & Learning for a charge of 7000 employees across 11 countries and through five major M&A integrations. Her successful practice of total talent management for the ‘ins-outs-and-acrosses’ makes her a vocal proponent of internal mobility. Academically, her background is in work, pedagogical and cultural psychology. She is a frequent collaborator and instigator in future-forward learning, talent, and employer branding arenas. Originally from Oregon (USA), Liz is #WFH out of Stuttgart (Germany).

    John Frith, Chief People Officer, Checkatrade

    John is an HR, talent management and change leader, with experience working in telecoms, finance, software, and most recently for Checkatrade, a trusted directory of tradespeople. 

    Checkatrade is enjoying exciting growth, recently relocating to new offices in Portsmouth. This transformation plays to John’s passion of improving engagement in fast-growing tech companies. 


    *Indeed Hiring Lab

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