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    Optamor Blog

    Optamor Blog

    Leadership effectiveness in crisis

    At the start of the webinar, Paul urges all attendees to pause and think or reflect. This is vitally important to sustaining energy and inspiring confidence from our teams. More than that, it enables ...

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    How to manage anxiety when working from home

    As part of our free leadership and wellbeing series, high-profile, inspirational speaker, Nick Elston, spoke to us about anxiety, mental health and his own personal experiences. Nick spoke honestly ...

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    Harnessing a remote team

    For the last few months, whether we were ready, or not, we have been working from home. Apart from the technological challenges, this has presented a new situation for managers and their teams to ...

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    We've been shortlisted: Outstanding outsourced recruitment organisation

    We are pleased to announce that Optamor has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Outsourced Recruitment Organisation award - Recruiter Awards 2020.

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    How team diversity will boost your business

    Research says organisations which have ‘good’ gender diversity enjoy a competitive advantage. Many businesses employ quotas to ensure they tick certain boxes, while others recruit on merit. We asked ...

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    How to become a truly inclusive employer

    UK legislation (namely the Equality Act 2010) goes some way to stamping out discrimination in the workplace, but legal compliance doesn’t necessarily equate to true diversity. Here, we look at five ...

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    Age diversity: It’s time to remember D&I’s most forgotten category

    By Optamor

    They may be the categories talked about most, but gender and ethnicity aren’t the only types of diversity that UK employers need to consider. Often forgotten is age. Businesses get caught up either ...

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    When flexible working is inflexible

    It’s not healthy to sit at a desk for eight hours straight, with a quick break for an at-desk lunch, or to run the countless errands needed to manage adult life. Employees and companies know this, ...

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    How is the finance industry spending the Apprenticeship Levy?

    In 2017, the Government introduced a payroll-funded Apprenticeship Levy scheme, designed to encourage more businesses to embrace apprenticeship training. Despite initial enthusiasm, confidence in the ...

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