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    Free online resilience and the new normal workshops

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    Following up from the well-attended wellbeing and leadership series (thanks for your support), we’re once again teaming up with expert speakers  - this time to discuss how to be resilient and adjust to the new normal of working.

    Planning the return to work is looking more complex than the original lockdown, with leaders and their teams safely adhering to government guidelines, whilst maintaining productivity. Now is the time to stay resilient and to start adjusting to the new working normal.

    What will the workshops cover?

    As per the previous series, each workshop will be no more than 30 minutes long, giving you the opportunity to learn in a bite-sized chunk, whilst not taking up too much of your day. This is especially important if you’re also juggling care or parental responsibilities.

    Each workshop will be made available after the session. If you can’t join ‘live’, register and we’ll ensure that the video and supporting materials are sent out to you via email.


    May 19 @ 3PM: Paula Ashby, Professional Development People
    Developing your personal resilience: coping with lockdown

    Most of us have been in some form of lockdown for a few weeks now and are getting to grips with finding a space at home to work in, how to use various IT platforms to communicate with our teams and clients, and negotiating the uses of equipment and the internet with others in the house.

    In this webinar, Paula will bring our attention on some of the other challenges you may have had to face, mainly:

    • Trying to accept things we can’t change
    • Acting positively
    • Managing our time

    May 26 @3PM: Russell Beck, ImagineThinkDo
    Connection in a disconnected world

    As some of our employees start to return to work, many others are slowly realising that the next time they see their desks may be in 2021.  Today, more than ever, it is critical to connect with each of our people to maintain motivation and enhance productivity.  This webinar will give you practical tips and tools to achieve this. Russell will:

    • Show the importance of connection to maintain mental health and the devastating impact exclusion has on productivity and wellness
    • Provide a tool to enable meetings to be more effective whether virtual, physical or both
    • Give you the three tips on how to better motivate your people (whether physical or virtual)
    • Show you how to enhance meaning and purpose by communicating with clarity and transparency 

    June 2 @ 3PM: David Beeney, Breaking the Silence
    Mental health and going back to the office

    Our mental health has never been so challenged on mass as we struggle to cope with the coronavirus. In this webinar we look at the best ways of keeping our staff engaged with particular emphasis on how to stay emotionally connected with our remote workers. In this webinar:

    • We explore ideas of how to create a kinder culture ‘remotely’ where people are caring, supportive and more empathic of each other’s anxieties.
    • We look at what is considered best practice for managers to inspire employees to remain engaged during exceptionally challenging times.
    • We look at the importance of using the right language to encourage honest and open conversation about wellbeing
    • We look at how you can improve your own levels of personal resilience during challenging times.
    • We look at how to inspire employees to be more open by saying ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ and by sharing our own vulnerabilities

    How can I book a session or multiple?

    Register for one or more sessions on our Eventbrite page or get in contact with us if you have any questions about the sessions or L&D services.

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