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    The following is a real account of a candidate experience. Names and details have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

    Candidate Experience Woes | Optamor - Resourcing Solutions RPO

    Claire was incredibly excited to be invited to an interview at a well-known IT company. She was particularly delighted as she had a fantastic interaction from the recruiter. She knew the role, knew the culture and was really hopeful about the opportunity.

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    Claire’s outfit was chosen and ironed, her answers to their potential interview questions were rehearsed with the help of her friends and family, she had drafted questions to ask the potential employer and she had mapped out her route to the office where the interview was held. Claire had spent a lot of time and effort prepping for the interview, not to mention a lot of mental exhaustion as the thought of changing careers can be a life changing move.


    Claire arrived 10 minutes early at reception, to ensure she is on time, she signs in and waits anxiously for the director to interview her. The clock ticks... 10 minutes pass by, then 20 minutes, until finally, a whole hour passes. The Director turns up, with no apology or explanation and takes Claire off for the interview.


    The tardy director introduces himself and starts to ask Claire some questions. Half way through the interview his phones rings. He informs Claire that he must take the call and abandons the interview, advising Claire that someone will be in touch to re-arrange the interview for another date.


    Understandably Claire is left feeling pretty rubbish by the experience, she is so enraged about what she has just experienced she takes the opportunity to voice her anguish on twitter. Fairly quickly a number of retweets amplify her poor experience the CEO spots this negative flurry of activity around their twitter profile and is forced to take action.

    Whilst this experience put a negative spin on the employer branding, every story has a silver lining. The director who put Claire through such a poor candidate experience was reprimanded BUT is now the candidate experience sponsor for the company.

    Now, just imagine how many other times this has happened in a number of other businesses, all too often we hear some real horror stories, often resulting in a detrimental impact on the business and its potential customers.

    In this ever growing candidate driven market there has never been a time where the candidate experience is so critical. Treating your candidate as important as your customers is a sure-fire way to ensure your talent pool is filled to the brim with skilled, experienced and engaged candidates. 

    Utilising purposeful resourcing solutions from an RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) company like ourselves could help business avoid mishaps like this from happening. Why not Request a one-to-one consultation to find out how we can help you with your candidate attraction and experience?

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