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    Employee Engagement is a buzzword,  but an important one. Staff engagement is not just about internal communications or ensuring key business messages are distributed to all staff. This communication with employees must be two-way.

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    What are the benefits of engaged employees?

    Engaged employees are more productive, therefor a more productive workforce = more bang for your buck. They are typically more likely to be advocates, and they’re usually innovators and ambassadors, leading change and business evolution. Not to mention they're less likely to leave, which helps with employee retention

    In the CIPD’s Discussion Paper called ‘An HR director’s guide to employee engagement’reported on consultancy studies to evident the impact of employee engagement on business performance ‘a Watson Wyatt (2006, 2008) study of 115 companies asserts that a company with highly engaged employees typically achieves a financial performance four times greater than a company with poor employee attitudes.’

    Flip engagement on its head! Now's the time to focus on Employee Empowerment... 

    As mentioned previously it’s important to keep employees updated with business performance, objectives and other news from your industry. This inclusion gives employees a sense of belonging as well as the information required to make right decisions in light of any business updates.

    Engaged Employees.png

    Creating an employee ‘voice’ is crucial. This is how you do away with the less 'passive employee audience' and promote a more active participation on how the business develops. An all employee board should be encouraged to help employee’s voice views opinions and collaborate on ideas that impact them and the business. Empowering your employees to generate and shape innovative solutions, ultimately leaving them feeling more valued, productive and inspired.

    What impact does 'Employee Empowerment' have on Talent Acquisition?

    Empowered employees are fare more likely to engage with you, and on behalf of you online. If you work in a retail environment and you’re seen posting on Facebook and Instagram about how much you’ve enjoyed working a product launch,  then that demonstrates job satisfaction and enjoyment. Tell me, who wouldn’t want to work for a fun workplace?

    Engaged Employees Increase Employee Referrals.png

    It’s this Social Media driven engagement and employee brand advocacy that will make a huge difference for your businesses ability to pool a resource of talent to help ensure your business has access to the best talent when you need it most.

    Obviously, there are other things to consider such as your Employer Branding and EVP (Employee Value Proposition), which is why it's worth getting your hands on a bespoke online talent attraction audit to assess how well you are currently positioning yourself online. Plus with the rise of Employer Review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, there really is nowhere to hide if you’re an employer that doesn’t put empowerment, engagement and wellbeing at the top of their HR to-do list.

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