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    Optamor Blog

    Optamor Blog

    Tara Davies

    Tara is the Head of Partnership, she specialises in partnering with our training clients like The AA.
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    Recent Posts

    All free webinar resources in one place

    During lockdown we ran six free public webinars, focusing on wellbeing, resilience and mental health. We had great support from our network and received positive feedback on our content. If you ...

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    How to manage remote workers' mental health

    This write up follows on from David Beeney’s webinar on managing mental health in a crisis - the last in the resilience and new normal series.

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    Connection in a disconnected world

    This week’s webinar session was hosted by Russell Beck from ImagineThinkDo and is the penultimate in our resilience and the new normal webinar series.

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    Developing your personal resilience

    Personal resilience is how we control our fears and worries. And there’s certainly a lot of challenges in the current climate.... We’re all dealing with factors like a lack of structure, care ...

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    Free online resilience and the new normal workshops

    Following up from the well-attended wellbeing and leadership series (thanks for your support), we’re once again teaming up with expert speakers  - this time to discuss how to be resilient and adjust ...

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    Leadership effectiveness in crisis

    At the start of the webinar, Paul urges all attendees to pause and think or reflect. This is vitally important to sustaining energy and inspiring confidence from our teams. More than that, it enables ...

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    How to manage anxiety when working from home

    As part of our free leadership and wellbeing series, high-profile, inspirational speaker, Nick Elston, spoke to us about anxiety, mental health and his own personal experiences. Nick spoke honestly ...

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    Harnessing a remote team

    For the last few months, whether we were ready, or not, we have been working from home. Apart from the technological challenges, this has presented a new situation for managers and their teams to ...

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    We are proud to be The AA’s managed learning solution provider. We work closely with The AA to ensure their workforce consistently receives the right training and continual development to keep the ...

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