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    Optamor Blog

    Optamor Blog

    Sarah Howard

    Sarah is Head of Marketing for the Serocor Group.

    Recent Posts

    Returning to normal, doing something different, or a combination: how should we work post-COVID?

    The pandemic showed many leaders - even those in ‘traditional’ industries -  that it’s possible to work from home successfully, achieving productivity and focus gains - albeit losing face-to-face, ...

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    Expert panel discussion summary: the labour market & internal mobility

    We held a lunchtime panel discussion with Will Crandle, CEO at Horsefly Analytics , John Frith, Chief People Officer at Checkatrade and Elizabeth Lembke, Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent ...

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    The state of the labour market and the rise of internal mobility

    The labour market has shifted rapidly, creating an influx of candidates for a shrinking pool of jobs. There are now 60%* more applications for every role, meaning 100s of CVs to sift through for each ...

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    How team diversity will boost your business

    Research says organisations which have ‘good’ gender diversity enjoy a competitive advantage. Many businesses employ quotas to ensure they tick certain boxes, while others recruit on merit. We asked ...

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    How to become a truly inclusive employer

    UK legislation (namely the Equality Act 2010) goes some way to stamping out discrimination in the workplace, but legal compliance doesn’t necessarily equate to true diversity. Here, we look at five ...

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    When flexible working is inflexible

    It’s not healthy to sit at a desk for eight hours straight, with a quick break for an at-desk lunch, or to run the countless errands needed to manage adult life. Employees and companies know this, ...

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