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    AI Recruitment: How it helps you hire top talent

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    AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a hot topic lately,  with managers, employees and just about everyone wondering whether or not the machines will take over and steal everyone’s jobs. Concerns about automation and machines being ‘intelligent’ enough to threaten careers and launch us into a dystopian future.

    Whilst it would be impossible for us to make comments on how AI will evolve in the world of work (plus this article from business insider does a great job of it already!) we can take a look at how Artificial Intelligence could help businesses to source staff, and how it can help job seekers in their career journeys. 

    Where does Artificial Intelligence sit in the hiring process?

    AI ups the ante in the recruitment process. If you're seeking talent for that software engineering role then  AI recruitment tools like Pocket Recruiter use machine learning, smart AI to scour databases to sift and match through tonnes of talent to provide you with quick and relevant candidates.

    Untitled design (97).png

    Is that not just a Boolean search?...

    Yes, AND No. Whilst Boolean search for recruitment is great – it’s also manual, very time consuming and there are hundreds of variable combinations to consider to ensure you not only sift out all the irrelevant candidates, but also avoid missing out on the other great candidates that aren’t as obvious fit for the role based on keywords alone.

    So whilst keywords are used to search and filter candidates CV’s, the latest and greatest hiring tech goes one step further by introducing machine learning/artificial intelligence.

    How does artificial intelligence help the hiring process?

    Whilst simply producing quick talent matches is all very well and good, there’s a lot more to consider here. Say for example... what makes a candidate a great match in reality,  not just on paper?  Whilst you might not know the answer to this question, artificial intelligence recruitment tech can learn it based on the candidates you place through its software. 

    Pocket Recruiter = AI Recruitment Tech

    The more you use tech like Pocket Recruiter the better it becomes at understanding what you’re looking for by learning from the candidates you place, against those that you don’t place.  Take a software engineer role for example, say that you hire five of the same role, and each of those candidates have the same similar skills or years of experience, AI will use this learned information and will present you with more of these types of candidates for future, increasing the quality of hire success rates each time you source using the tool.

    How does artificial intelligence help businesses who outsource their recruitment to an agency or an RPO?

    Selecting an agency or RPO provider who uses Artificial Intelligence to source and select candidates in your industry enables you to tap into an already geared up for success, pool of candidates which means you benefit from the tech’s artificial intelligence without having to ‘teach’ the machine what a ‘good’ software engineer looks like.

    AI Recruitment Technology

    A great side-effect to this is not only the time it takes to source, select and hire, but the level of candidate engagement your future employees will then receive. Resourcing partners or recruitment consultants have more time to help potential candidates understand your business, the role and ultimately be 100% happy with their candidate experience, leaving them with a good feeling towards your business or brand despite the outcome of their job application. This is attention to detail when it comes to candidate experience is especially important for those businesses operating in a market with a skills shortage. Losing the respect from a candidate could cause problems not just immediately but for future recruitment opportunities.  Take a look at Claire’s story for a candidate experience cautionary tale.

    How do job seekers benefit from artificial intelligence based candidate sourcing?

    Using the AI-powered recruitment technique enables candidates with great skills to shine through. The experience they have and other elements that matches the ideal fit for the role to that of others similar to them will ensure they are top of the pile, giving candidates (passive or active) the opportunity to consider a new opportunity, or even a new career path that may or may not have been an option for them before.

    AI Recruitment Tech advantages for job seekers and candidates

    Not only is ‘being found’ a benefit but now that the resourcing consultants have more time to engage with both the candidate and the hiring managers the candidate will have less time to wait for feedback and will have all the information they'll need to make an informed decision on their opportunity. Almost every job seeker has been in that tricky situation waiting to hear back from their dream job only to accept another offer due to not being able to wait any longer for the consultant to get back to them. 

    How has artificial intelligence worked for other businesses recruitment?

    Our sister company ARM recently rolled our PocketRecruiter. Felix Wetzel, Digital Innovator revealed the success in his blog where a candidate shortlist that took a recruitment consultant two days to create,  Pocket Recruiter provided the same qualitative list within just 20 minutes.

    Not only did this save time, it also ensured the search net was cast in an intelligent way, in fact, PocketRecruiter found several place-worthy candidates in the database that wouldn't have been picked up by the Boolean search strings they were using via the traditional candidate sourcing methods. 

    AI Recruitment Tech Results

    One consultant went from arranging three candidates per week to 12. These results whilst not only having an undeniable impact on the businesses they provide candidates for, it has also completely transformed their recruitment process and the culture of the business; with the energy, enthusiasm, and self-esteem of the consultants increasing.

    Discover the gaps, opportunities and efficiencies that could be made in your talent sourcing process. Take our complimentary diagnostic and receive your benchmark report. 


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