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    Out in the vast realms of the internet, we are reading mixed views on the prominent topic of artificial intelligence, machine learning and 'tech-wizardry' which for some sounds like it's straight out of a Harry Potter film.

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    One thing that I believe we can all agree on is that talent acquisition is broader than recruitment, or at least it needs to beStrong talent acquisition is about building relationships, harnessing the balance of innovative technology and human expertise in a more strategic approach that develops and nurtures a talent pipeline with a long-term view.

    Magic Not Required...

    So it’s not quite out of Dumbledore’s book of magic but like the Deathly Hallows, Optamor believe in three highly powerful objects of immense power that when linked together are considered unbeatable:

    1. Plan, Persona’s and Prediction

    Critical to successful talent acquisition is your ability to plan for the skills, knowledge and capability that your organisation requires which added to defining a clear persona of the talent you will hire is essential to success. Once achieved you are able to consider its availability in the marketplace and consider how and where you connect and engage with this defined talent, and predict the time and the cost involved.

    2. Brand & Perception

    The second is unlike the 'Cloak of Invisibility' as this is something you don’t want to be draped around your brand. Now, we hear a lot about EVP but we believe that we need to consider perception vs reality, what your target talent really thinks and knows about you and what’s it truly like to work for you?

    Creating a digital strategy that amplifies your culture is a clear step in the right direction but ensuring that it is a truthful reflection of your company values, ethics, and position whilst being designed to connect and engage with the talent you require will uncloak your organisation!

    3. Analytics and Appointment

    Finally, and sorry no all magical, all-powerful Elder Wand here, there is our ability to capture, analyse and translate data and key metrics to validate the approach and make better hiring decisions

    When harnessing people analytics we can uncover the 'chamber of secrets' and build a strong and strategic talent acquisition program that will enable you to plan, attract, select, and recruit the talent that will change your organisation.

    Hogwarts Express...

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    If you’re interested in hearing first-hand from any organisations that are on their own journey to building a Talent Acquisition program then why not join us on Thursday 23rd November.

    Sorry, there’s no Hogwarts Express leaving from platform 9 and 3/4 simply express your interest through this link.

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