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    Have you ever had that moment in life when you question yourself, what you’re doing and even your sanity? Well, I did last week on our charity climb of the Gran Paradiso for our amazing charity Naomi House and Jacksplace Children's Hospice. 


    What is it like up there?

    Like (I hope many of you) I would count myself lucky, in work, life and love but as a 56 year young man, I questioned myself for the first time in a long time if should I be taking things a little easier? Well to be fair at that moment in time I was roped to four of my work colleagues, at 10,323 feet and climbing a 1:3 hill covered in snow wearing crampons and a hard hat, but this challenging and yet amazing life experience did make me consider the link between the attitude needed to completing such a feat and also being successful in business.

    Find your why

    The analogies on reflection are fairly straightforward; yes it helps to be reasonably fit and healthy, have the right guidance and tools to complete the task at hand, take personal accountability and responsibility for your own growth but it's mental toughness for me that is the one that stands out, your 'self-talk' or inner voice.  In business and life, I have always believed in finding your why, something that moves you, drives you to never stop and make things happen. This is something that I share with my team at Optamor through both Simon Sinek and Eric Thomas as it has driven our business success over the last three years.

    However what I did confirm at that moment of total exhilaration (or madness) is that It is equally important that you surround yourself with people that share common values. Ok, you may not be physically roped to them climbing a mountain but you are connected, linked and have to have trust in both the people you work with and the customers you partner. So is it really that much to ask that you work with and partner those who are passionate and commitment to 'do the things they say they're going to do' without blaming others for failure?

     My conclusion is that sometimes a little altitude can help you to see things differently, which is something we are passionate about at Optamor but when added to the right attitude you can climb mountains!

    I and the rest of the Serocor group team have raised almost £20,000 for Naomi House and Jacksplace. Visit my Just Giving page here to donate to this incredible cause. 

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