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    The Hiring Managers Guide to Social Recruiting

    Utilising social media to source talent is anything but new, in fact according to Glassdoor  1 in 5 have applied for a job they learned about through social media! Despite its uses for talent attraction and pooling, there are still a lot of businesses with not enough knowledge or resource to use social media to source new talent.  

    We know time is short so we’ll keep this brief. Below you’ll find our 8 tips for engaging with your talent online. We’re a people solutions company, so ultimately we would love to provide this for you as part of our resourcing solutions service. Get in touch! if you’d like to talk about how we can help.

    1: Employer Branding 101

    Discuss with the wider business and get your marketing department on board with your objective to increase ‘Talent Engagement’ via social media. Need to get buy in? Request an online talent attraction audit for your business and you’ll receive a full report on the impact (or lack of) on your talent acquisition efforts.

    Stand out from the crowd with employer branding - Talent Attraction - Social Recruiting

    Bottom line is that HR and marketing need to be aligned on this one. If online employer brand or to increase online talent engagement isn’t on your Marketing Directors agenda then it should.

    2: Hiring Manager’s Branding

    We’ll challenge you to find one candidate who hasn’t looked online at a Hiring Manager LinkedIn or Twitter prior to their interview and even before applying for a vacancy.

    Hiring Managers personal branding online - social recruiting - talent aquisition and attraction

    Make sure Hiring Managers have relevant and up-to-date information on their professional social networks. It’s also worth bearing in mind the company culture and values and identifying if there are more opportunities to use Hiring Managers profiles to amplify these.

    3: Get under the skin of WHO you want to recruit

    Look inwards to the culture you have within your business. Then take a closer look at the culture of the teams too. Is there a difference? Is there a common theme on the types of personalities that fit well within your business?

    Know who you're trying to attract online - tailor your employer branding and social recruiting strategy to this.

    If you have a team of vibrant young professionals who are always up-to-date with the latest Netflix series then you’ll be able to tailor your content strategy to attract talent online. Know who you’re speaking to, and you’ll be able to adapt your communication style to match. You wouldn’t strike up a conversation with a builder about the latest hairstyle trends, so you shouldn't try to attract talent using terminology or references that they're unlikely to engage with.

    4. Avoid posting Job Posts!

    Ok so you may just want to jump in head first into social media and post all the latest positions you have within the company, and that’s great – just hold on a moment! Chances are without building up some momentum –you’re unlikely to get the response you want.   

    Not too many job posts! social recruitment is more than positing job adverts.

    5. Showcase your EVP

    Instead of focusing on what you need, focus on what a potential candidate needs. You’ve probably already built some benefits, rewards and progression perks into your EVP (Employee Value Proposition, for those who hate acronyms!)

    Social Recruitment requires you to showcase your EVP/ Employee Value Proposition

    Essentially what makes it great to work with you? Do you have a nice office, great perks? Then make sure to snap and share this with your following online. You don’t even need to be upfront about what you’re trying to achieve. Simply snapping a photo of a meeting with your regularly Coffee and Doughnut delivery with happy employees in tow will speak volumes to your talented on-lookers.

    6. Don’t forget to be human! 

    Using social media to attract and engage talent is the perfect opportunity to be human and have a little fun. Remember that you need to not only appeal to the head, but also to the heart. You can keep it human by remember to add humour and honesty to the posts you put out.

    Social Recruiting - Have fun and show your human side - are you a fun place to work at?

    Example: a post about a ‘late running staff meeting made better by biscuit bribery from the office manager' not only does this post reveal honesty in the occasional expectation to stay late, but it adds humour to it by adding the line about being bribed by biscuits. Obviously, the tone of this humour and honesty will depend on the type of business and the type of culture of staff you're trying to attract.

    7. Enhance, not replace.

    Remember that whilst social recruiting is a great tool, there are plenty of other techniques to use. In-fact it may be that your current talent targets aren’t the most engaged via social media. 

    Social Recruiting should enhance and not replace other methods of engaging with candidates.

    8. Don’t forget about Employee Advocacy

    Take a look at your businesses Glassdoor profile. Like what you see? Businesses with a strong learning and development strategy or with a keen focus on employee engagement are likely to have positive reviews.  We touch a bit on this in our blog around the benefits of employee engagement. 

    Employee Advocacy is important to the reach and power of social recruting efforts.

    The reviews on Glassdoor not only help when potential candidates are deciding whether or not to apply or accept a job offer, but they also help businesses to promote their benefits to future employees and the negative ones could help you to improve the areas of the employee experience that aren’t as palatable.

    Want to know more about Social Recruiting? Request a one-to-one consultation with one of our People Solutions experts today and we’ll discuss how working with Optamor could help to decrease the time and cost to hire whilst ensuring the quality of candidates remain.

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