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    Training and Development is an integral part of working life, but one that can often get overlooked. Some factors standing in the way can be time and cost, and in this busy world, who does have a spare day to go on a course? It's easy to find reasons why you can't, but the reasons why you should far outweigh any of them.

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    1.      Empowerment

    Skills - Training and Development .png

    Knowledge is both powerful and empowering. Someone who isn't confident with or doesn't understand what they're doing will often take longer to complete a task, which will also be of a lower standard. Even worse than being inefficient, they could shy away from a task completely. Teaching people the skills they need to prepare them to carry out their job makes them feel like they're winning, and worthwhile.

    2.      Skills and Safety

    Health n Safety - training and development.png

    Some roles require specific skill-sets. Sometimes those skill-sets are safety-related, and potentially put staff and colleagues in danger if they aren't covered. Lack of providing the tools to learn these means unhappy and unprotected staff, feeling inadequate and unsupported.

    3.      Productivity

    Productivity - training and development.png

    It also means your workforce are less productive, are you're getting far less bang for your buck. Human beings have an almighty sense of pride. So many of us have the attitude of ‘If I'm going to do it, I'm doing it right’. If you've got staff who care, and are proud of what they do, feed and nurture that. A day or two out of the office and a training bill on your desk is a far better spend than the money, time and resource than underperforming, mistakes and accidents will cost you. Acknowledge and reward their drive and willingness.

    4.      Develop and Retain

    Hire, train, motivate, retain - training and development.png

    Not just for new starters or new roles – develop people. Make them feel valued. Show them that you believe in their capabilities and possibilities for development. People get bored. We're a nation constantly looking for distractions and ‘the next thing’. If staff with career aspirations are left to stagnate in the same role, on the same cycle as a hamster in a wheel, they'll want to move on to the next cage before too long – there might be a tunnel there, or a ladder to the next floor. Development is key in staff retention. If employees feel like they have room to grow, they will blossom with you, while you reap the fruits of their labours.

    5.      Evolve and pave the way

    Evolve training and development.png

    Technology, methods and systems are ever-changing. So many of us deliver services in various forms. Whoever you are providing that service to needs to have faith that you are giving them the best product or solution. Loyal customers and partnerships are the best representative of that. Keep up with the Joneses. Look in to new ways of doing things, and let your employees voice their suggestions for change. These ideas may not always pave the way forward, but the acknowledgement given by listening will add to the notion of support that comes with development.

    In short, train your staff. Allow them to learn and develop. Watch your business flourish. Unsure of what your current training and development landscape looks like? Use our Training Diagnostic tool to get your report today.

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